18/6/21 – we did it!

19/05/21 – fingers crossed for a win!

13/4/2021: the Club’s facilities remain closed until further notice.

Welcome to Beech Hill Table Tennis, an integrated sports club that caters for all categories of players, mainstream, paralympic and intellectually impaired.  Our emphasis on providing an integrated approach and environment makes the Club unique as far as the sport of table tennis in Munster is concerned, and we are very proud of that status. The Club’s ethos is founded on three principles;

  • there is awareness, understanding and agreement amongst our membership that embracing diversity is right,
  • embracing diversity is essential to a healthy club,
  • integration is a key stone of each individual project we undertake.


The Objective of the Club shall be the organization, promotion and development of an integrated approach to the game of table tennis, providing an opportunity for our members to play table tennis in a normal community setting.

Our aims are:

To provide year-round sports training and opportunities for competition for mainstream, paralympic and intellectually impaired players.

To develop a successful model of integrated sport in the Club, involving players from all backgrounds and with different abilities and, in so doing, to increase awareness among our members and family members of the benefits of such an approach.

To develop greater awareness among the table tennis playing community in Cork and the general public of the merits and benefits of an integrated approach to the sport.

To provide our players with the normal social opportunities and benefits of membership of a sports club.